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Clinical-Grade Retainers at an Accessible Cost

Why It’s Important to Wear a Retainer

Wearing a retainer is a simple and effective way to ensure that your orthodontic treatment results last for the long term.

If retainers are not worn consistently after orthodontic treatment, there is a high risk of your teeth gradually shifting back to their original positions, undoing the progress that was made. This can cause a variety of dental issues, such as bite problems, crowding, and overlapping teeth. In some cases, additional orthodontic treatment may be necessary to correct these issues.

Replacing Your Retainers

Common issues include breakage caused by teeth-grinding during sleep or accidentally dropping the retainers. Additionally, retainers can be misplaced, experience wear and tear, and turn yellow or become filthy from daily usage. Retainers also loosen over time, diminishing their effectiveness in maintaining your teeth’s alignment.

Replacing broken or worn retainers in Singapore typically requires scheduling an appointment with your local dentist, and in many cases, taking uncomfortable dental impressions of your teeth using a putty-like material. Taking proactive steps, such as getting replacement retainers in advance, reduces the hassle, time, and cost involved with maintaining your orthodontic treatment. Moreover, any delay in replacing broken or worn retainers increases the risk of your teeth shifting back, which could necessitate redoing the entire orthodontic treatment.

Getting Your Customized Retainers at Threedify

At Threedify, we alleviate the hassle and cost of obtaining replacement retainers by producing exact replications of your existing set of retainers on-demand. No dental visits required.

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First-Time Clients

1. Complete our service enquiry form

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2. Receive your new set(s) of retainers within 1-2 working weeks.

Returning Clients

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2. Receive your new set(s) of retainers within 1 working week.

Get Peace of Mind with Our Commitments

  1. Customized Service. If you have a history of bruxism (teeth grinding) or have observed that your retainers frequently break, we offer customized retainers that are thicker for increased durability and protection. With our personalized service, you can have confidence in the quality and longevity of your retainers.
  2. Accessible Pricing. We aim to offer clinical-grade products at an affordable price to support the long-term viability of orthodontic care for individuals.
  3. Secure Data Storage. Client information and data are kept confidential and securely stored so that we can manufacture additional sets of your retainers immediately at any time in the future, upon request.
  4. Straightforward and Hassle-Free Replacement of Your Retainers. No new dental impressions of your teeth are needed; new retainers may be received within 1-2 working weeks.
  5. Approved and Tested Medical-Grade Equipment and Materials
  6. 1-Month Warranty. T&Cs apply.

We’re All Ears

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