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About Us

Threedify Pte Ltd specializes in additive manufacturing for medical and dental applications. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we are revolutionizing the healthcare industry by delivering innovative solutions that improve patient care and enable medical professionals to provide safer, more efficient, and customized healthcare services.

Biocompatible Resin Materials & SLA 3D Printers

At Threedify, we are passionate about utilizing the power of 3D printing to transform medical and dental practices. Our focus lies in the use of biocompatible resin materials and biocompatible SLA 3D printers, ensuring the production of high-quality medical and dental devices and supplies. From retainers and aligners to anatomically-accurate patient models, surgical tools, and prosthetics, we cater to a wide range of applications that enhance patient outcomes and facilitate superior treatment planning.

By leveraging our biocompatible manufacturing process and materials, we ensure that our products meet the highest standards of safety and compatibility with the human body. This enables healthcare professionals to offer personalized and precise solutions to their patients, resulting in improved treatment efficacy and overall patient satisfaction.

The Medical Field and Beyond

Our expertise in biocompatible manufacturing extends beyond the medical and dental fields. We recognize the potential of our technology in other industries, such as food and beverage.

Our biomedical 3D printing capabilities can be harnessed to create food-safe devices and molds, opening up new possibilities in culinary innovation, product design, and customization. At Threedify, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of biomedical 3D printing and strive to stay at the forefront of technological advancements – constantly exploring new materials, processes, and applications.

Our Engineering Division


3D Generation specializes in commercial-grade large-format 3D printing. We provide turnkey projects and solutions related to 3D printing and product design, from conceptualization, scanning, modeling, printing, post-production, prototyping, CNC, and vacuum-casting, to mass production.

We’re All Ears

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